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bradford city easy peasy quiz (v2)

1. Who are the greatest football team in the world?

Leeds United
Bradford City
Huddersfield Town
Newcastle United

2. For which team did the famous Stephen Torpey score 4 goals in one match?

Bradford City
Scunthorpe United
Swansea City
Bristol City

3. Where do Bradford City play their home matches?

The Mecanno Stadium
Elland Road
Bradford and Bingley's Head Office.
The Bradford and Bingley Stadium at Valley Parade

4. Which football team does 'Gonch' from 'Grange Hill' (many years ago, ginger bloke) support?

Manchester United
Bradford City
Chester City

5. Who defeated Newcastle United 1-0 to win the FA Cup in 1911?

Leyton Orient
Bradford City

6. Why are Bradford City known as The Bantams?

The team are widely thought to be a bunch of chickens.
Their Claret and Amber strip is said to resemble the bird's colours.
Their home ground is thought to look like a cock-fighting pit
The chairmen insists that the team is woken at dawn and given bowls of cornflakes

7. Which was the first football team established in West Yorkshire?

Bradford City
Leeds United
Huddersfield Town
Halifax Town

8. Which Bradford City football player seemed to believe that all the fans had turned up just to see him?

Jari Vanhalla
Dennis Sepp
Darren Treacy

9. Which football team do I support?

Scumbag United
Scumbag Town
West Ham United

10. Why do I support them?

Because I couldn't get a Man Utd season ticket
Because they're brilliant
Because they're shit
Because I do

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