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darius must win

first published on oilzine.com

We need your help.

Quite simply Darius Danesh MUST win Pop Idol. And we can’t do it on our own.

Watch ITV at 6.10pm on Saturday 1st December and vote for Darius. VOTE FOR DARIUS [You have done it before and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. But it's not over yet, Darius needs you EVERY SATURDAY]. Do it, if not for yourself, then for the sake of your children.

We few, we lucky few, have been presented with the golden opportunity to make a difference to somebody’s life for the good.

No, not Darius’. Well he’d love it.

No. What I mean is EVERYBODY’S. Let me explain.

We stand at the threshold of a fantastical journey into the harrowing. And we MUST seize our chance, before it is too late.

This guy has an ego larger than his home city of Glasgow. He appears to think he is Jesus, the Messiah, the Chosen One. The immortal that will lead us from the Robbie-induced darkness and into the light. He is often seen preaching to his disciples gathered around his feet.

But even the Big Man Himself couldn’t manage to unify a nation so well.

Remember this is the person that said the following:

“I want to change the whole pop business as it is pretentious."

"My singing voice is a gift. It would be unfair not to share it with the rest of the world."

“I will have a number one single and triple-platinum-selling album by the time I am 35.”

Is this really the dawning of the Age of Aquarius? Let's find out shall we.

When Darius wins ITV's Pop Idol, we can all watch his fall, neigh plummet, from grace as his first single (possibly a cover of Elton John's “Can You Feel The Love (In The Room) Tonight”) enters at number 38.

Imagine the pleasure and pride we could all feel, knowing that we had indeed made a difference.

If, God forbid, he doesn’t win... He’ll be back for more.


1) We will be able to watch first hand a man’s hopes and dreams being crushed like so many digestives in a bag. It could be an interesting social experiment.

2) He may create his own rise and fall anyway, but we’d all gain the pleasure and pride from knowing that it was because of our direct action that it happened. And we'd have something to tell our children when they ask "What did you do...?".

3) When he wins he is GUARANTEED a recording contract. Just think of the pain when it all goes pear-shaped. It was laid out for him on a plate and he missed his mouth. He failed.

4) His ego will be shattered, and he will return to being an ordinary fool like the rest of us. WE MAY JUST BE SAVING HIM.

5) Finally, the really talented performers (the ones that might have won) will be saved from a life of subservience to Pete Waterman, et al.

So what are you waiting for?

All it takes is one vote. Or maybe 10 ‘cos they can’t tell you know.

We know that there are many sites asking you to vote for 'x', and you’re probably sick of them, but PLEASE, we beg you. Do this one thing and we can all have an easy life.

Other sites want you to vote for ‘fat’ Rik or Gareth, but don’t go down the politically correct / sympathy route and vote for someone just because you feel sorry for them as they’re a bit porky, or can’t speak properly. There are lots of fat people out there, are you going to vote for all of them? (Hey, why don't we make them all popstars?) And more importantly, DO YOU THINK THEY WANT TO BE PATRONISED?

No, this is too important for that.

Vote for Darius and make the world a better place, without him.

Remember the time to strike is THIS SATURDAY 1st December 2001 at 6.10pm on ITV.

Watch Pop Idol and vote for Darius.


Get Your Darius Pride Mask Here

See the poor fella in action Courtesy of www.popstarsonline.net
(you need Windows Media Player to view - click here to download for Windows 95/98 or Windows 2000)

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