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geoff's really useful estonian phrasebook

right, you're in estonia. you've got to start doing things properly.

that means speaking the language properly.

not half speaking it, speaking half english, half estonian, with your tongue hanging out.

listen to the english and get as far away from it as you can.

you never saw me go out to bat for england speaking pidgin estonian, with sheets hanging half off me.

you bloody didn't.

so then, let's crack on.

come on, we're going to be late.

In English Eesti Keeles
I don't like Leeds. Mulle ei meeldi Leeds.
How old is your dog? Kui vana sinu koer on?
What colour are her legs? Mis värvi tema jalad on?
I have two tables. Mul on kaks lauda.
Where does the little frog sleep? Kus väike konn magab?
Mother, look, I have a shadow. Ema, vaata, minul on vari.
Mother, look, I have an umbrella. Ema, vaata, minul on vari.
They live in a department store. Nad elavad kaubamajas.
He likes jumping. Talle meeldib hüppamine.
Kersti works as a cobbler. Kersti töötab kingsepana.
I don't speak English. Ma ei räägi inglise keelt.
I like your lion. Mulle meeldib sinu lõvi.
Every beginning is difficult. Iga algus on raske.
Many times is a clever mother. Kordamine on tarkuse ema.
Tangerines are better than oranges. Mandariinid on paremad kui apelsinid.
The plastic cup and the plastic cat live in Tallinn. Plastmasstass ja plastmasskass elavad Tallinnas
Erki Nool isn't sorry. Erki Nool ei vabanda.
These pencils are brown! Need pliiatsid on pruunid!
Where do we dance? Kus meie tantsime?
Do you love me? Kas sa armastad mind?
Do you have an edible vacuum cleaner? Kas teil on söödav tolmuimeja?
Do you like the pen? Kas sulle meeldib pastakas?

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now it's your turn.

the best suggestions will (hopefully) be translated into estonian and posted on this page.

cheers,  geoff

what's your phrase, then?

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